Affects All Ages

Sarcoma cancer is a cancer that affects nerves, muscles, joints, bone, fat and blood vessels, or the body’s “connective tissues”. A cancer that affects individuals of all ages, sarcoma cancer is especially prevalent in children and young adults.

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Stories of Hope

Hear the stories of hope from people who have fought Sarcoma Cancer.

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You're Not Alone

There are many hospitals and researchers focused on defeating Sarcoma Cancer in all its forms. Find out more about the disease and who you can contact for more information.

How SCFC began

The SCFC was founded in 2010 in memory of Vera Arajs and other Canadians who have lost their lives to Sarcoma cancers. We are a volunteer-run national organization supporting patients and their families, while working with Canada's leading research institutions in their efforts to eradicate Sarcoma cancers.

How you can help

Your donations will be used for priority projects that support sarcoma cancer patients and their families across Canada. SCFC also works with Canada’s leading research institutions to develop life-saving treatments.

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